Cougars News · Op-Ed: School Sports and Activities are Needed Now More than Ever

Click on the Vimeo link to hear from WIAA Executive Director, Mick Hoffman and read his message below!

As you are all aware, high school and middle school sports and activities in the state of Washington have been dormant since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in March. Since then, plans for a return to activities have been made, revised…and revised again as the WIAA Executive Board and staff have tried to lay out schedules and best practices within the guidelines set forth by the Governor and Department of Health.

Over that same time, we have seen other state associations, like the WIAA, as well as club programs resume practices and participation with little or no COVID transmission. We have also heard from trusted health officials that transmission among children is much less frequent and less dangerous than other populations. Safety has been and will continue to be a top concern for the Association, but it is important we are using real science and data now that it is available.

I hope you will consider sharing the linked article which communicates the position of us in the WIAA office and highlights some of the data showing that returning to sports and activities is possible.


Mick Hoffman
WIAA Executive Director

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